The state of Puntland on the northern parts of Somalia has agreed to work with Amsas Consulting on the best ways of bringing investors into the Oil and Gas sectors of Somalia.

In a closed door meeting between the President of Puntland HE Adde Muse Hirsi and the Chief executive of Amsas consulting Dr.Ali Abdullahi they came to the conclusion that  new concession proposals will be passed to investors in the Oil and Gas sectors. The federal government and the  state of Somaliland are also having contacts with Amsas Consulting on the best ways to bring investors into these sectors.

Amsas Consulting are experts in Project Management in the  mining and upstream oil industry. We have done projects in Zambia, Zaire, and  Kenya with other activities on the pipeline in Somalia and Sudan.

Puntland and Somaliland were at the center of oil explorations in the 80's when Conocco, Amoco(now PB), and Agip had concessions in Blocks 27,28,31,32, and 35.

According to experts in the fields of oil and gas, Somalia is going to be where the next big oilfields are possibly going to be discovered. The country has not seen any exploration since the mid to late 80's.